Is your manufacturing equipment under real-time monitoring?


CLARIPROD – smart manufacturing for every business

CDID is proud to introduce CLARIPROD, the only real time production monitoring system that is truly plug-and-play.  Built for the smart manufacturing needs of small and medium-sized businesses, CLARIPROD was designed to be affordable and simple to implement, allowing businesses to easily access all of their most important production data, in real time, from the very first day of system acquisition. 



CLARIPROD is a unique system consisting of a touch screen controller that connects to all types and brands of manufacturing equipment in your factory to ensure an unprecedented return on your investment.  CLARIPROD calculates your OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) in real time, giving you the information you need to immediately improve your cycle times and reduce your rejects and machine downtime.  All this data is accessible from anywhere in the world, by connecting to the CLARIPROD cloud portal using any device connected to the Internet.


Designed by three companies with more than a hundred years of expertise in manufacturing and industrial data solutions, CLARIPROD was built to make real time production data accessible and affordable for every business.  CLARIPROD is offered as a software as a service with minimal upfront costs, giving you the flexibility to scale your investment to your needs and integrate additional controllers as your business grows.


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