Is your manufacturing equipment under real-time monitoring?

Prextra ERP

Why choose Prextra?

  • A flexible and integrated ERP platform

    Which makes it possible to add more modules, all of them custom built for your specific needs and following your business’s growth.

  • Easily accessible from everywhere, at all times

    Since it’s hosted on a Web server!

  • Simple to learn, user-friendly

    No need for countless training hours; make a few tests and get quickly acquainted.

  • Fast IT support, experienced team

    All CDID’s project managers are trained in project management. For an efficient management, from project elaboration to its implementation!

  • A trusted business partner

    To support your growth, we offer a fixed price, regardless of the number of users you need (10 and more). Furthermore, with our experience, we can quickly understand your challenges, allowing us to see beyond your needs!

14 modules adaptable to your business sector

Prextra ERP platform offers basic Production and Accounting management modules, all adaptable and/or replaceable with other modules, depending on your business specific needs.  The ERP platform can be installed on your internal network or used on the web in ASP mode.

1. General ledger

  • Accounts management (unlimited)
  • Transactions and journal entries processing
  • Recursive transactions
  • Bank reconciliations (manual and automatic)
  • Taxes report (GST, QST, etc.)
  • Customized financial statements configurator
  • Performance indicators
  • Possibility for multi-levels accounting

2. Accounts receivable

  • Customer management and follow-up
  • Billing and shipping addresses management
  • Individual, batch and recursive billing
  • Automatic deposit slip
  • Payment terms, credit line, discounts and price lists management
  • Interest fees calculation and billing
  • Dashboards
  • Many reports (Aging report, Statement of account, etc.)

3. Accounts payable

  • Supplier management and follow-up
  • Payment terms, credit line, discounts and price lists management 
  • Invoice deduction
  • Individual and batch payments
  • Preauthorized payments, electronic fund transfers, etc.
  • Check print
  • Many reports (Aging report, etc.)

4. Payroll

  • Employee management (complete record)
  • Multiple departments
  • Time entries and transactions (manual or time clock)
  • Automatic payroll and deductions calculation
  • Annual vacation time bank
  • Payroll transfer to General ledger
  • Direct deposits
  • T4, R1, summaries and employment records
  • Many reports (Pay stub, etc.)

5. Purchases

  • Purchase quotes (manual and automatic)
  • Purchase orders (manual and automatic)
  • RMA (Return of merchandise)
  • Inventory management
  • Cost

6. Sales

  • Sales quotes
  • Sales orders (manual and automatic)
  • Shipments
  • Invoicing (manual and automatic)
  • Inventory management
  • Shipping and customs forms
  • Cost 

7. Inventory

  • Item management
  • Multiple warehouses
  • Multiple units of measurement
  • Inventory adjustments
  • Item transactions history

8. CRM

  • Access to all your customer’s data
  • Contacts
  • Calendar of activities
  • Business opportunities
  • Customer management
  • Statistics

9. Production

  • Production schedule
  • Production calendar
  • Production orders
  • Multilevel bill of material
  • Inventory management
  • Serial numbers
  • Bar codes
  • Wireless data collection
  • Cost

10. Manufacturing

  • Bill of material (BOM)
  • Work stations
  • Equipment (Machines)
  • Cost

11. Product configurator

  • Dimensions
  • Options
  • Integration for design software (AutoCAD, SolidWorks, SolidEdge, etc.) 

12. Projects

  • Journal entries allocated on a project
  • Project management
  • Tasks management
  • Time and expenses entries
  • Tasks reports and charts
  • Financial reports by project

13. Time punch

  • Work schedule management
  • Employee events
  • Time adjustments
  • Time entries transfer to payroll
  • Bar codes

14. System management

  • Multiple companies
  • Multiple users
  • User access management
  • Taxes, currencies, menus, languages management (and much more)

Business sectors

Prextra adapts to your business sector

Manufacturing, milling, adapted business, wholesale, service, retail; Prextra adapts to a wide range of business sectors and their specific technological needs!


With Prextra, improve your operations efficiency, manage your production effectively with the help of our integrated software and have greater control over your inventory and orders.  Plus, Prextra can be integrated with technical design and drawing software like AutoCAD, SolidWorks and SolidEdge.


Based on your needs, specific additional functionalities like the ingredient weighting equipment connection to the system, pesticide management and BOM import can be easily added to our platform.

Adapted business

In addition to all basic functionalities, Prextra can help you manage human resources specific to adapted businesses and potential candidates list, plus contacts with SEMO advisors and links to official « Emploi-Québec » forms.


Improve your business’s operational efficiency, fill in your orders faster and reduce your storage and distribution costs with Prextra’s integrated options!

Services business

Prextra offers adapted functionalities required for optimal management of your operations such as accounting, invoicing, cost and time sheet, among others.


Prextra helps with the integration between point-of-sale (POS), commercial management, supply chain, marketing and finances.  Increased efficiency, better inventory control and improved customer service in a single software!

Become a reseller

Are you looking to increase your offer and income with a business adapted management system?

CDID decided to market its products through a strong network of regional partners.  We are growing fast and are currently recruiting new integrators/ value-added resellers (VAR) capable of promoting the business potential of our management and inventory systems to customers in their region.

CDID’s promise to resellers:

  • A strong and reliable ERP platform that integrates seamlessly to businesses.
  • A business model and prices generating higher profits than those currently offered on the market.
  • Sales tools and tips and constant commercial support.
  • Reliability + ongoing development of our ERP platform = satisfied customers!