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Grabb Ai - Winning Confinement with Artificial Intelligence

We, CDID, will remain attentive to the current situation and we all think about the post-Covid era. Through deconfinement and its aftermath, business will change as much in its form as in its manner. In many ways, it will have to be remodeled. In this sense, CDID is proud to present to you : Grabb Ai.

Grabb Ai

We tested the Grabb Ai artificial intelligence tool and we are amazed by the potential of this solution. Incredible but true: finally a real solution accessible to SMEs of ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE to accelerate sales.

Grabb Ai

For more information on the Grabb Ai system, go to To contact a representative and have the opportunity to test this tool for free for a period of 14 days, join the team at