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New - Equipment Rental

The Prextra ERP allows more than 300 Quebec SME to improve their productivity and performance every day by simplifying their business processes. In the past few months, our development team has worked hard to help our partners who offer equipment rental.

This new feature will help you manage the items you offer for rental by simplifying the process of the selection of equipment and the recurring billing. When creating your order, you'll access the availability screen of your equipment and select one of the available items according to the rental dates already scheduled. This screen also allows you to rent the same item to different customers according to its availability calendar.

In addition, it is easy to set up different types of billing based on daily, weekly, monthly, etc. prices, and to add repair and / or cleaning costs to your equipment. In order to properly manage your equipment rentals, Prextra also allows you to geolocate these items and thereby greatly simplify the logistics of delivery and return of equipment.

To learn more about configuring this new feature, please contact your project manager or customer support. They will be happy to help you!